Holster for riding mowers  Holster for riding mowers


Makes mowing your lawn
both safer and more enjoyable!

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Tractor Holster

Holds reacher tool

Green or black holster

Works With:

EZ Reacher
Reach Picker
Grapler Extension Tool
Trash Gator
Mohawk G-4 DOT
Big Mouth Picker
... and more

Made in USA

Proudly made in USA

The Tractor Holster - Never Mow Your Lawn Without It!

A Real World Situation
You are mowing your grass on your riding tractor and right in front of you is a ball, toy, can, branch, litter, or some other obstruction.

How do you handle this situation?

You have three solutions – none are very good!

  1. You stop the tractor, get off, pick up the obstruction, get back on the tractor and resume cutting your grass. Very inconvenient.
  2. Another option is to hope the tractor mowing deck clears the obstruction. Bad idea.
  3. The third option is the worst of all. Many will be tempted to pull alongside the obstruction, lean over and put their hand down on the ground (next to the mowing deck which is engaged) and pick up the obstruction. This option can lead to losing fingers or tipping your tractor! Again, bad options.
Mowing the lawn safely

This 60 second video will explain our product:

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However --- With the “Tractor Holster” attached to your riding mower, you have a safe and convenient way to pick up those obstructions. The “Tractor Holster” makes mowing more enjoyable and safer!

Saves Time
Efficiency increases. Now you can just take the reaching device from the Tractor Holster, remove the obstruction and continue on with your mowing!

Adds Safety
Safety improves because the Tractor Holster provides a simple way to hold a reaching tool so that you can easily and safely pick up an obstruction in your path.

Convenience & Safety – That’s what the Tractor Holster Provides!

The Tractor Holster Provides Convenience & Safety!

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